Arizona Department of Financial Institutions


Arizona Department of Financial Institutions 

The Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (“AZDFI”) is the Arizona government agency which issues mortgage licences and regulates and examines mortgage industry licensees.

Arizona Corporation Commission

Corporations and limited liability companies are formed through filings with the Arizona Corporation Commission (“ACC”).  A corporation or limited liability company which is organized in another state will be required by the AZDFI to obtain “foreign authority” to conduct business in Arizona in connection with submitting an application for mortgage licensing.  Both domestic and foreign corporations must file annual reports will the ACC.  Annual reports can be filed online.  Certificates of good standing may also be obtained online.

Arizona Secretary of State

The Arizona Secretary of State (“ASS”) issues Trade Name Certificates.  The AZDFI will require issuance of a Trade Name Certificate by the ASS for all trade names to be used in Arizona as well as issuance of separate mortgage licenses.

The ASS maintains and publishes the regulations which govern mortgage industry licensees.  The agency also oversees registration of telephone solicitors under Arizona law.

Arizona Department of Revenue

In order to compensate employees in Arizona on a W-2 basis, registration with the Arizona Department of Revenue is required.


AZDFI application checklists and instructions are located on the website of the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing Service & Registry (NMLS).